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Now That You're Gone (V1)
Now that You're Gone, Take 11, clean
2011 Starburst Music Publishing, LLC/Nery Bauer

Now that you're gone
Shut me in a dark room
Close down all my deep thoughts
(vocalese): Huuuu, Huuuu, Huuuu....
Now that you're gone
Verse 1:
Good Lord I'll never make it, there's nothing left to live for
Won't even try to fake it, just go and take my name off
The list of those still conscious, with smiles upon their faces
I'm doomed to spend forever, in this living hell oasis
(chorus #1)
Now that you're gone, shut me in a dark room
Close down all my deep thoughts, turn my insides pale blue
Lock me in a deep cave, cloak my world in numbness
Seal me in a sad grave, designed for all the loveless
....now that you're gone
And while you're living your new life, I hope you think you got it right
Chasing all your brand new dreams, ain't always what it sometimes seems
Cause freedom can be fleeting, and guilt can get you choked up
Your rendezvous with destiny, may one day wake us both up
(chorus #2)
Now that you're gone my heart's no longer beating
The pumping of my blood, just feels as if it's cheating
To stay alive without you, makes me no more than a scam
A prisoner of solitude, a shadow of a (woman or man)
.....now that you're gone
I saw the stars all shining and I never had it better
Till the shredding of the lining, broke the promise of forever
And the kiss upon your forehead, was the one to say goodbye
Now the only sound escaping is my insides screaming why
(chorus #3)
Now that you're gone just hang me from the rafters
Don't bother checking in, from now till ever after
My breathing has subsided my pulse has disappeared
Soon I'll be lying prone, in a shallow grave I fear
....now that you're gone.
Song Length: 2:58
Primary Genre: Country-General
Secondary Genre: -