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Adrenaline Rush
Adrenalin Rush

There's a hole in my life that I'm trying to fill
There's a hole in my life and it threatens my will

Its deep and its dark, it swallows me whole
Its starting to smother my heart wrenching soul

I'm pushing and scraping and climbing each day
I'm struggling with learning to live life this way

My knuckles are skinned and my nails are all cracked
I'm gasping for breath, will I ever get back?
Will I ever get back?

That adrenalin rush ripping deep through your veins
The one bringing peace and absence of pain

The one where you feel all is right with the world
The one where your stress is completely unfurled

The one when you know that this deep in your life
They'll be no more stress or soulful strife

Well that one's all gone, I see it no more
I fear for life it's flown out the door
Flown out the door

It's hurting me now, I'm telling you straight
It's causing me pain, the kind that I hate,
The kind that I hate

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Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Rock-Classic
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