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Leiza Michaels - 02. Pure White Snow
Pure White Snow
© 2019 Starburst/Michaels
Melodically play hook "Pure White Snow"
When the bang, bang, bang in my head starts
And my skin begins to crawl
When the darkness cloaks its blanket
And the devil hears my call
Senses now returning
Searing pain brings torture back
Is there really any choice here?
Only one thing that I lack

Pure white snow
Give some relief
Sell me some heaven
Give me no grief
When that stinging needle's here
I see the face of God appear
Do your thing
Snow White Pure
Do you thing
Pure White Snow

Snow white pure
Grant me some peace
Carve out the mystery
Of this bondage beast
In the horror of this life
Inject me with your deadly knife
Do your thing
Pure white snow

Do your thing
Snow White Pure

(Instrumental Break)

Pure White Snow
You have your way
You've come to rule my life
Each and every day after day
And this bargain has no end
Till the Devil says again
Time for more
Pure white snow
Snow white pure
Do your thing
Pure White Snow

Ad lib
Just, do your thing
We don't need a Copper
Cold and mean
I'll just make a call to the man
Short Song Description:
Homage to Billy Holiday.
Long Song Description:
It is well known that iconic blues singer Billy Holiday struggled with heroin addition. Leiza & Jay wrote this song as a tribute to Ms. Holiday's phenomenal performance skills even while working through her own personal trials and tribulations.
Story Behind the Song:
© 2020 Starburst Music Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved. All music & lyrics co-written by Leiza Michaels and Jay Carney. Thank you to our fabulous team: Dave Francis - Upright Bass, Recording Producer, backup vocals on Some Kinda Girl, Tommy Harden - Drums & Percussion, Catherine Marx - Keyboards, Kerry Marx - Electric Guitar, Jim Hoke - Saxophones & Chromatic Harmonica, Paul Mullen -Co-writer on Some Kinda Girl and overall collaborator, Marv Treutel - Recording Engineer. Nathaniel Jones - Final Mix/Mastering Engineer, Photography shot at Fountainview, WPB by Mary Stucchi, Stylist JK Feldman.
Lyric Credits: Leiza Michaels, Jay Carney
Music Credits: Leiza Michaels, Jay Carney
Producer Credits: Dave Francis
Publisher Credits: StarburstRecords
Performance Credits: Leiza Michaels
Label Credits: StarburstRecords
Song Length: 3:15
Primary Genre: Jazz-Standards
Secondary Genre: Blues-General
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Drugs
Subject Matter 2: Existence
Mood 1: Disturbed
Mood 2: Heartbreaking
Similar Artist 1: Billy Holiday
Similar Artist 2: Janis Joplin
Language: English
Era: 1940 - 1949