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Legends of Disloyalty
Legends of Disloyalty
© 2011 Starburst/Thompson

Lessons learned through infamy
Mercedes played her game
Her blood red dripping tattoo marks
Scorned her family name
The dreaded sins that we confess
Reveal our primal thrust
And in the darkness of our shame
We slowly start to rust

Legends of disloyalty
A broken family bond
Dispensing mere formality
From dusk till early dawn
Testing of humanity
A sharp wit biting strong
Legends of disloyalty
A broken family bond

Her smile a precious astrodome
Beneath which we recline
Her sultry dance in sexy garb
I'm powerless to decline
And so the magic weaves its charm
Across the moors of France
While sipping from the magic cup
Fulfilled with happenstance

(repeat chorus)

Our struggle old our struggle new
The centuries of pain
Redemption weaves its messy thorns
Revealing dead remains

(repeat chorus)
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Song Length: 3:58
Primary Genre: Electronic-Trip Hop
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