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65. Beyond Blue - rough vocal sketch
Beyond Blue
aka, I've Fallen for Blue Eyes Again
2015 Sahlen/Starburst

The moment I saw those sparkling blue eyes
My fantasies started again
Would this time be different or more of my own lies
This time would true love begin

I've fallen for blue eyes again
But this time it's real I can win
I've been hurt before
But I came back for more
I've fallen for blue eyes again

Our moonlight confessions revealed who we are
Now it just feels so right
At that magic moment
Our lives changed forever
As we found each other that night (Chorus)


I finally was able to see beyond blue
To look deep within and see the real you (chorus)
Lyric Credits: Sahlen-Starburst
Music Credits: Sahlen-Starburst
Producer Credits: Sahlen-Starburst
Publisher Credits: Sahlen-Starburst
Performance Credits: Sahlen
Song Length: 2:14
Primary Genre: Country-General
Secondary Genre: -