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40. The Human Race

With tortured souls, we often ask why
With tortured hearts, we reach for the sky
We creep and we crawl, we rise to fight
We claw our way forward, with all of our might
With vision and grace, we search for the truth
We find peace and comfort, alongside of you

Oh Jesus Lord you are always there
With your infinite wisdom, your knowledge and grace
With all of our shortfalls, with all of our flaws
We are nothing more than the human race

When we were born, you entered our soul
And you reached our for us and made us feel whole
With commitment and strength, we will find our way
Seven billion strong, singing brightly today
Though evil confronts us, with awesome resound
We'll never be vanquished, we'll always rebound

(repeat chorus)

And when we have doubt, and when we're not sure
You climb deep inside us and help reassure

(repeat chorus)
Lyric Credits: Starburst
Music Credits: Starburst
Producer Credits: Martin Young
Publisher Credits: Starburst
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: -