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38. Motherhugger

He's just left his home and he's out on the roam
He's a lady-killer and the world's all his own
Prefers married gals he won't hesitate
Your first one with him will be your last date

His six packs's exposed and his pecks are on deck
(And) from hundreds of gals only he can select
The word's hit the street his rep is known wide
So girls hold your ground and don't let him slide

He's a Motherhugger all dressed in black
He'll love you and leave you so best watch your back
He's as sweet as can be and he'll get you to swoon
But bet your sweet booty he's gone before noon
He's a Motherhugger

He can lasso a woman with hands at his back
He's a side winding dealer and never looks back
He'll get you to love him then just leave you flat
Then he's gone in a flash and he's covered his tracks


Romeo Cowboy
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Romeo Cowboy
Honky Tonk Man

Lyric Credits: Starburst
Music Credits: Starburst
Producer Credits: Martin Young
Publisher Credits: Starburst
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: -