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37. Hero All The Way
Hero All The Way

Some say angels walk this earth
Masquerade as humankind
What a lucky break for me
You're of this special kind
You brought me into this world
You taught me right from wrong
Your selfless acts and noble deeds
Helped guide me to be strong

You're the hero of my nights
You're the hero of my days
You're the hero of my dreams
You're my hero all the way
You're my hero all the way

Healing hands that let me know
I can fail and still succeed
A generous smile so beautiful
Lending light to every need
Now as I've grown into a man
I've come to realize
The awesome power of the love
There in my mother's eyes

(repeat chorus)
Somewhere between wake and dreams
Exists a holy place
It's there that I first realized
Your amazing grace

(repeat chorus)
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Classic