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36. Gold In Memphis

I'm climbing up this mountain
I'm forging cross this stream
I'm walking 40 miles
I'm living for this dream
I'm baking in the hot sun
I'm dusty and I'm dry
I'll make it there by Sunday
And you're the reason why
I know there's gold in Memphis
It's on my radio
It wakes me in the morning
And soothes my heart just so
It's made a star of many
From muddy to elvis
I gotta get me some
Gold in Memphis
I wrote these songs all down
I played them for my girl
She said head down to Memphis
Get yourself a record deal
We'll build ourselves a home
We'll fill it full of kids
Just sing them what you sang me
Just show them what you did
(repeat chorus)
I seen these guys all done it
Just strum and singing songs
Don't look hard to me
Be rich before too long

(repeat chorus)
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: -