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Forever Will Last ft. Leslie Sahlen
© 2012, Sahlen/Starburst

Holding her puppy... so still and so small
Shaking and sobbing...her tears slowly fall
Her six year old heart, filled with pain and regret
It's her father's comforting words, she will never forget

Sometimes in your life you must face tragedy
And sometimes you think there'll be no remedy
But I've seen the goodness abiding in you
You've got the strength to see this thing through
You've got to dig deeper than ever before
Grasp onto the essence defining your core
If you can do that the die will be cast
Your strength of character...forever will last

She made him so proud... coming into her own
Preparing for college... A long way from home
When his sudden death nearly crushed her with grief
She remembered those words that he said, which brought her relief

(repeat chorus)

she wipes away tears... and looks deep inside
knowing that's now... where her father resides

(repeat chorus)
Lyric Credits: Sahlen/Starburst
Music Credits: Sahlen/Starburst
Performance Credits: Leslie Sahlen
Song Length: 3:33
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Pop-General
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Existence
Subject Matter 2: Father
Mood 1: Poignant
Mood 2: Moving
Similar Artist 1: Keith Urban
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later