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Fairy Tale Ball - vocals
Fairy Tale Ball

I meet her each night in the midst of a dream
With her golden blonde hair and her eyes of blue green
She throws me a kiss from the top of the stairs
My heart beats so fast as she answers my prayers

Ahh Rapunzel, spin your golden hair
Ahh Rapunzel, I love you I swear

How is it this dream finds the core of my soul?
She can see right through me and know all that I know
We dance through the night, I hold her so close to me
With such love I never knew could be
At the Fairy Tale Ball of my dreams
At the Fairy Tale Ball of my dreams

Brief Instrumental Interlude

The minstrels are playing a waltz from my youth
And the gaze in her eyes speaks to me with such truth
Time is forever, it slows to just now
I want this to last forever some how

Ahh Rapunzel, let down your hair
Ahh Rapunzel, I love you I swear


As the party ends, Rapunzel knows
That I must go where mortals go
She whispers her love and kisses my head
As I leave to wake in my bed

Lyric Credits: Starburst
Music Credits: Starburst
Producer Credits: Studio Pros, L.A.
Publisher Credits: Starburst Music Publishing, LLC dba Dreambusters
Song Length: 3:26
Primary Genre: Classical-Renaissance
Secondary Genre: Unique-Soundtracks
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Falling in Love
Mood 1: Blissful
Mood 2: Enchanting
Language: English
Era: 1600 - 1699