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Alone in her room her tears slowly fall
And drip to her hands holding a pet so very small
For a child of six this loss is severe
This pain in her heart is more than she can bear
Her father consoles with words she'll never forget

Sometimes in life you must face tragedy
And sometimes you think they'll be no remedy
But darling I've seen the goodness in you
(And) you've got the strength to see this thing though
I need you to dig deeper then ever before
And grasp onto what defines your very core
And if you can do that and follow this path
Your character's strength will ever last

Her dad was her friend, her protector and guide
He taught her true values she holds deep inside
She made him so proud as she grew into her own
And prepared to start college away from home
But when her father's death nearly crushed her with grief
She remembered his words she'll never forget.


She wipes away the tears and looks deep inside
Knowing that's now where her father resides

Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Country-General
Secondary Genre: -