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23. I Finally Found That Place (original Nashville Starburst)
Finally Found That Place - Final Lyrics

Can't find my dreams
I know I had them with me when I left today
I think they're lost
I get down on my knees hoping they'll return without delay

Too blind from pain to see the truth
Too numb from shame to feel
Too deaf from fear to hear the call
To drunk with grief to heal

Bursting through to find my hopes and dreams
Survived the sins of the past
I've opened up to really see
How the universe sets us free
Finally found that place in me

I made a list
Filled with everything that's important to me
I stored it safe
But now it's gone from any vision I can see

Too maimed from doubt to find belief
Too full of wrong to feel alright
Too wracked with sin to re-begin
Denial shields my world from light


Too truly blessed to let it stand
Too filled with love to fall asleep
Too high above to fall below
Too future bound to stop and weep
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Rock-Classic
Secondary Genre: -