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Earle.C.Webb: This Train
This Train
© 2012 Johnson/Sahlen/Starburst

There's a powerful momentum, there's a mighty rocking thrust
Propelling progress forward, discontentment turned to dust
Folks of every color here's a tickets jump aboard
We'll stop in every township, every interest is assured

This train runs for freedom with its future burning bright
Pistons firing on a mission for what's right...for what's right
Its whistle screaming passion, an opus note for note
Transporting precious cargo...this train runs on hope

Outcasts and downtrodden, none are left behind
Those awash in poverty, who says they're "not our kind"
There's givers and there's takers but there's one thing we all know
The planet's getting smaller, we're part of one big show

(repeat chorus)

This train welcomes strangers who look like you and me
It's the dawn of re-creation, true wisdom we can see

(repeat chorus)
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Song Length: 3:46
Primary Genre: R & B-Soul
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