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27. Shipwrecked

I bit myself today
Lost all self control
I'm such a bloody mess
With duck tape it won't show

I strap these feelings on
With grappling hooks and chains
And carefully contemplate
These guilt's that leave fresh stains

Shipwrecked far from home
The crisis of my youth
Join my Battle zone
For your putrid proof
My mind a reservoir
Of crooked septic pain
My spirit still at war
With demons I won't name

I drag my dog-bit leg
Down streets of cobblestone
And wrap my bleeding soul
Round shamans I have known

In my cheater's chair I lounge
And carefully castrate
My precious thoughts and dreams
To please the magistrate


With a Felon's sense of honor
And convict's custom creed
I grapple with dishonor
And steel just what I need

Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Rock-General
Secondary Genre: -