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22. Nighttime Funeral

He called himself the prophet
He spoke to God he said
He ruled for 30 years
Decided who was wed
7 wives he called his own
He was the village head
He claimed a sacred plan
At this shanty town homestead

Nighttime Funeral
Burial In The Dark
Such A Strange Event
In God's Forsaken Park
Hear The Brethren Singing
Like Hyenas As They Bark
Nighttime Funeral
Burial In The Dark

Not all the flock believed
Some did not support
And at his elder age
His death spilled no report
But fowl play was at hand
A strangling did take place
And now the prophet's spot
A killer does embrace

(repeat chorus)

A casket for Polygamy
The law brings such a fright
That's why secret internment
Takes place just at Midnight

(repeat chorus)
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Folk-Country
Secondary Genre: -