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15. Gypsy From Poughkeepsie
Gypsy From Poughkeepsie

My new Manhattan Mojo fell into a nasty fate
So I packed my weekend bag and drove my Beamer upstate
I asked this fortune teller what's this rash inside my head
But she grabbed a hold my shoulder and said let's make love instead

I resisted her advances but she used a magic spell
When I awoke I found that she had caused my head to swell
I wrestled with this arrogance I'd never seen before
And tried to do a big tap dance to shoo it out the door

All the while I saw her smile and with her knowing wink
Its then that I first realized that we were on the brink

She's my gypsy from Poughkeepsie
Schooled in the mystic arts
Got these lotions and these potions
That work wonders on my heart
When she casts her magic spell
And makes me promise not to tell
My Gypsy from Poughkeepsie
Never fails to make me well
She's my Gypsy from Poughkeepsie

I asked her if my future held surprises she could tell
With a twinkle in her eyes she produced a shiny gel
She smeared it on my hands and rubbed it in my face
Before I knew what's happening my mind gave way to chase

I discovered that her training started centuries ago
And that payment for her expertise has become a quid pro quo


She told me long ago
Down on 34th and vine
A previous customer
Had got into a bind

Short Song Description:
sequel to "Love Potion #9"
Lyric Credits: Starburst
Music Credits: Starburst
Producer Credits: Rick Chudacoff
Publisher Credits: Starburst
Song Length: 3:27
Primary Genre: Rock-Classic
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Sexual Fantasy
Subject Matter 2: Existence
Mood 1: Serene
Mood 2: Enchanting