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zz03. Gypsy Love (Protilius/Starburst): Trilogy I: OST
Long Song Description:
Unique track, mixing electronic drums, strings and flamenco style guitar. Dynamic and medium paced, with a feeling of good times, feelgood, uplifting and positive. Slightly melancholic undertone. Perfect for productions in need of dramatic, romantic music with a spanish or ethnic edge.
Story Behind the Song:
Although this album has been written and composed as an original soundtrack for a complete broadway musical, the music is also very appropriate for placement into film & tv, hitting the target for following keyword searches in its use: spain latin acoustic classical guitar latino dance world europe siesta travel journey trip holiday vacation lounge mellow love loving hot sex sexy sensual party mexico mexican latin america south america dancing celebrating latin celebration central america european laidback laid back hot blood blooded spanish guitar paco de lucĂ­a lucia paco de lucena al di meola origin origins root roots Romani Andalusian Byzantine Mozarabic Moorish Sephardic gotham project thievery corporation

Music Credits: Protilius/Starburst
Producer Credits: Protilius/Starburst
Publisher Credits: Starburst
Song Length: 3:53
Primary Genre: Unique-Soundtracks
Secondary Genre: -