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City Sins
City Sins

It's an urban jungle and it's tugging at my sleeve
(It's) whispering hey mister can't you help me please
Calling out my name and begging me to look
It grabs me by the heart like a southern mystic crook
I built a head of steam as I breathe the whippoorwills
Still I stumble in between and dust off needless frills

Give this life to me
Hurl it at my soul
Rub my belly for good luck
I'll get to where I know
I'll double drink this world
Consume all that I can
And chew right to the bone
Of these countless city sins

The trouble with tomorrow is forgetting yesterday
As I guzzle all my sorrow and fashion some delay
Into the misty brook of the countryside I left
To gain such little semblance of sweet sounds that left me deaf
As I struggle to forget the misery of my past
And dream I can remember good things that never last


Sin City scintillates such senseless shoddy shams
And separates new life from old ones grasped within both hands

Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Rock-General
Secondary Genre: -