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12. Marionette's Parade - Acoustic (Robinson-Starburst)

Whose strings are these that lift my arms
What of these dreams that work their charms
With dancing meters and bright red clothes
We entertain on tippy toes

Look at this, look at me
I wish I knew just how to be
You shake my hand, I walk like this
You only see external bliss

Our acting is deserving all the love that's in your hearts
and you're clapping cause you're happy to see the marionette's march
We entertain you and sustain you as we fill our life's crusade
But you fail to see our tears inside the marionette's parade

I want so much to be so real
And feel those things that people feel
I need so much to have a heart
And not to live a world apart

Pull my strings make me sing
Make me do amazing things
Let me fly don't ask why
I hide this sadness deep inside


I'm happy when I'm on the stage
That's when I feel I got it made
So sad when I'm back on the shelf
And must deny my one true self

Song Length: 3:30
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: Folk-General