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Sailor of Darkness
1-12-10 Final Lyrics

A sailor's knot (or "life") can past the test of holding things so true
With every day and every wave that span the ocean blue
But mine is not the one that God has chosen to be free
As seagulls fly the open sky some things I'll never see
My ship sails in the darkness
Never breathing in the light
My compass follows fury's curse
While anger strokes the night
What waves are these that slap my face?
Such nautical harshness
What demons cause this flogging of
This Sailor of Darkness
A seaman's life with boson's blight takes on a special scent
From years of toiling mast and sail to ever port I went
With no first mate I travel light and with no naval seal
And so my Schooner painted black reveals its twisted zeal
With wonton lust the upper crust may slide their horny probe
But never will I feel the thrust of happiness disrobed
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: -