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RM 04. Maiden Voyage
Maiden Voyage
2011 RM(Chudacoff/Starburst)

What tender innocence
Floats through these eyes
Dismissing abstinence

Awaken truth in time
Nature concedes
Forever imminent
And free

Oh such wondrous consciousness
Skipping past remorse
Quiet bold yet eloquent
We slide inside our souls

So reach
Here with me
Reach so far beyond
The wildest of our dreams

This must be wonderland
Beside the stars
Our maiden voyage goes
So far

Now the warmth of afterglow
Kissing wisdom's sky
Shedding childhood lullabies
Floating through the skies

So reach
Here with me
Reach so far beyond
The wildest of our dreams

And hold me so close
As we disappear inside what's clearly all we need to know

What tender innocence
Behind these eyes
Asleep in abstinence
Short Song Description:
With an ultra smooth "Phil Collins" style intro and pristine vocals reminiscent of Richard Marx, this romantic ballad weaves a heavenly story of first time love for an Adult Contemporary audience.
Lyric Credits: Rick Chudacoff/Johnny Starburst
Music Credits: Rick Chudacoff/Johnny Starburst
Publisher Credits: Gouda Music/Dream Stumblers
Performance Credits: Rock Modernoff & the Jetstream Cowboys
Song Length: 4:22
Primary Genre: Rock-Modern
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Falling in Love
Mood 1: Enchanting
Similar Artist 1: Phil Collins
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later