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Purgatory Promises
© Sahlen-Starburst 2015

Just the right amount of naughty and the wrong amount of nice
Leaves us all justifying why we'll never pay the price
When redemption comes a calling and forever never ends
We'll be stumbling in the starlight with forgiveness on the mend

It's a purgatory promise with a halo round the sun
Evangelical gate keepers judging each and everyone
Don't forget you Bible lessons, all us humans are so dope
It's a purgatory promise counting prayers our only hope

Just the right amount of wrong so there's something to confess
We're descended from the garden, taught us shame when we undress
It's the origin of species born with sin inside our souls
It's the only way to travel through existence we are told




Give us strength and guidance
Let us see the light
Lead us to redemption
Make everything alright


Lyric Credits: Sahlen - Starburst
Music Credits: Sahlen - Starburst
Publisher Credits: Sahlen - Starburst
Song Length: 2:37
Primary Genre: Folk-Americana
Secondary Genre: Folk-General
Similar Artist 1: Leonard Cohen
Similar Artist 2: Johnny Cash