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Paul Anthony, Dream Sequences


June 25, 2021 Fort Lauderdale, Florida....FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE....
Today, Grammy Nominated Reggae/Dancehall Artist Paul Anthony, in conjunction with Starburst Records announced the release of Dream Sequences, a 10 track Mixtape combining chill LoFi Hip-Hop Beats with relaxing, introspective lyrical content written and performed by Paul to be available at music streaming platforms everywhere on June 25, 2021. This represents a significant crossing over from Mr. Anthony's predominantly Reggae and Dancehall style of the past 15+ years into the LoFi Hip-Hop arena.
Paul Anthony's popularity has recently increased dramatically after scoring a Grammy Nomination for his involvement with The Wailers' "Best Reggae" Album "One World" on which Paul co-wrote with Emilio Estefan and was a Featured Artist for the songs "Philosophy of Life" and "Only In Jamaica".
Paul collaborated on the writing and production of these 10 tracks on the Dream Sequences Mixtape with Starburst Records LoFi Artists Tokoname, distant.face and Strewing. All 10 songs were mixed and mastered by Jamaican born Producer, Artist and Engineer Solstarr. Paul stated that listening to this brand new collection of songs is "perfect for nighttime activities. They also offer a powerful musical remedy for dealing with anxiety by facilitating relaxation and deep thought."
Track 1 "Overthinker" immediately tugs on the fibers of raw human emotion and condition to "Overthink" our every move. Track 6 "Flow" talks about falling in love in the digital age via social media. Track 7 "No Rush" takes us on a late night drive set to a starry night sky for mental clarity and intimacy. Track 3 "Poetry In Motion" is about the beauty of life, taking into account both the negative and positive, with a hopeful tone.
Paul Anthony knew at an early age that he was destined for a life in music. He was born in Boca Raton FL, son of a Canadian mother and a Jamaican father. Heavily influenced by his dad, singer/entertainer