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Peter Cleveland, Maybe This Time


It was 1981 and 28 year old PJ Cleveland and his 6 man band "Cloak & Dagger" were on the cusp of signing a record contract with a major label in Los Angeles. Peter was on cloud nine, but on the way to a gig he accepted a ride from an uninsured, unlicensed fan on the back of his unregistered motorcycle and never made it to his performance. In the accident, Peter catapulted through the air, bouncing off an oak tree and through the side of a stucco home suffering untold broken bones and traumatic brain injury. He spent the next 5 weeks in a coma and next one and a half years in the Hospital. Lucky to be alive, he had to go back to square one learning again how to walk, how to talk, how to even recognize his own friends and family members. The one thing Peter never forgot was his amazing vocal talent.

Today some 36 years later, Peter is releasing the first album he had hoped to publish back in 1981. It is with a deep sense of humility and thankfulness that Starburst Records is thrilled to release PJ Cleveland's first world wide release album "Maybe This Time! Maybe this time PJ's dreams will come true!