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Rapazzi, Ready To Strike


We've just uploaded all the final masters for this album on 5-6-15. Several of these tracks have already been exclusively signed to L.A. based Music Publishing company "HD Music Now", who's founder Jody Friedman wrote the liner notes for our Rapazzi Music as follows: "With gut wrenching, poetic lyrics in the vein of Leonard Cohen and a vocalist with the rugged sincerity of Johnny Cash, Rapazzi is the brainchild of a gifted Brazilian composer/producer, an American lyricist and seasoned vocalists living in Mexico. The result of their collaboration are retro Mexi-Cali infused beat generation exhortations on the meaning of life in the early 21st Century." Another fan wrote of one Rapazzi song: "This is the coolest song I've heard....Johnny Cash plus the Neptune's plus Cake!"

I hope you enjoy listening as much as my team and I enjoyed creating these 17 songs over the past 18 months.