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Felice Kaye-Cooper on Starburst Records


Welcome to Starburst Records recording artist Felice Kaye-Cooper! Felice is a composer and songwriter of stunning brilliance and we are both honored and humbled to introduce you to her work. Here are a collection of her works we will be publishing at the rate of one per month commencing 8-22-20 with The Rain.

Felice is the daughter of Conductor/Arranger Murray Kaye who worked closely with Perry Como, Alan Paul (Manhattan Transfer), Tony Bennett and some of the best in the music business. She has a BA and MA in music composition and theory and has been honored by Billboard Mag in their 2006 Songwriter's Contest, The Great American Song Contest and was honored by Broadjam in the Top Ten Pop-Classic, Top Ten Latin and Top Ten in the state of New Jersey & most recently in the Latin Spotlight for "The Lonely Guitar" Starburst will be publishing one of Felice's songs per month over the course of the next 12 months. Welcome aboard Felice!