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Greg Johnson on Starburst Records


Greg Johnson, The Voice of a Generation

Once in a generation a writer emerges so uniquely talented as to grip the heart, soul and imagination of who we are, or perhaps who we were during our time on this planet. For my parent's generation that was Hemingway. It was Fitzgerald. It was Faulkner. It was Steinbeck.

I submit to you that for my generation, it is Greg Johnson, a little known but extraordinarily gifted songwriter/performer hailing from Davis, California. Just as Salieri envied, revered, was jealous of, yet fell rapturously in love with the work of Mozart, so too am I both envious and enraptured by the works of Mr. Johnson. Songs like Lundy's Lane, Make the Moment Last, Love Makes you Crazy, and so many more have the capacity to creep up on you, without knowing it, until you're suddenly surprised by the tears dripping down you face. But then others, like Country Club Motor Lodge and Heart Broke in LA achieve a whole new level, climbing to the heights of some of the best songwriting of all time.

Starburst Records is both humbled & honored to have been selected by Greg to serve as his music publisher. Please like and follow his page on FB devoted to Greg's original music which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/GregJohnsonStarburstRecords

Also, do yourself a favor and purchase or add his latest album of 50 incredible original songs called "Me and the Moon" to your Spotify playlist. You won't be sorry. You can find this here: https://open.spotify.com/album/76QXLKyoYgvsgsMXimXpUE?si=y71bdo1XRZiNf0Jd_5M22g