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Starburst Records 2021 Compilation Album!


Here is the Starburst Records 2021 Compilation Album featuring 14 of the best works of our recording artists during 2021 including the following tracks:
Track #/Title/Artist
1 Overthinker by Paul Anthony
2 Flying by distant.face
3 The Thing About Love by Earl C. Webb
4 Vacation by Tokoname
5 Black Hurts by Terry Blade
6 Summer Breeze by Strewing
7 Unless You Mean It by Penny Towers
8 Clownshow by L O F I L U V
9 Mi perdición by Leiza Michaels
10 Triumphant Alt. Mix by Vinni Hamilton
11 O'Leary's by Greg Johnson
12 Into Your Eyes Felice K. Cooper
13 Somehow Rushane Cameron
14 Introspections Len Perry