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The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep (a LoFi Film Noir Classic)


This entire 10 music video album including 10 video episodes is now available exclusively on Bandcamp at https://starburstrecords.bandcamp.com/

Penny Towers & Frank Farbehind from Vermont & Jay Carney of Starburst Records had a dream to create a modern, updated homage to classic Film Noir movies from back in the the 1940-1950's like The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Sunset Blvd, etc. Stimulated by a LoFi track called "Cruisin" by Gregofi, a LoFi artist subsidiary of Greg Johnson of California that we felt epitomized the LoFi genre, we set out to write a script and begin to produce a series of songs. This led us to simultaneously create a series of videos. The supremely talented actress/singer Penny Towers plays all three main characters in this drama: Tony, Sr. the Gumshoe PI, Ingrid, the damsel in distress and Bates, the no good low-down creep! we also recruited Jean Paul Zoghbi of Lebanon for use of his magnificent track "Hitchcockian Thriller" for use in The Chase Episode as well as Vinni Hamilton Productions of Miami, Florida who granted permission to use his track "Triumphant" for Episode 9 Crushing Nasty Crook, the successful climactic crescendo of the whole series! When you purchase this album, you also receive a private link to view all 10 video episodes of this homage to Film Noir! We hope you have as much fun watching the series as we had putting it together!