With Bobby & Leslie!


1.  How old were each of you when you first became interested in music and what triggered it?

 Leslie:  My mother had a Mackintosh stereo and great taste in music. I grew up around The Beatles, Randy Newman, and opera.

 Bobby:  My interest in music starting at two or three years when my grandmother sat me up on her piano bench to sing with her. 

 2.  How old where each of you when you began learning to play a musical instrument(s) and what did you study?

 Leslie:  I started playing violin in elementary school. Orchestra was my favorite class. I was concert mistress through the end of High School.

 Bobby:  Had piano lessons. But unfortunately didn't stick with it.

 3.  Did you take formal lessons or teach yourself?

 Leslie:  I have always been primarily an "ear musician."  My reading sucks. I did take a few lessons on flute to be in the marching band. Most of the band members had huge cases to carry. So I went with piccolo. Taught myself bass when Bobby and I started playing together in 1988.

 Bobby:  Started guitar lessons at 13, but mostly self-taught. 

 4.  What was the first live concert you each attended/how old were you?  Tell us about it.  Who took you?

 Leslie:  Beatles at Candlestick Park!  My mom bought me the ticket and a bus ride with KYA Radio. I was 12.

 Bobby:  My first live concert was going to see Peter, Paul and Mary at Red Rocks.  Went with friends from High School.


5.  How old were you when you wrote your first song?

 Leslie:  1971. It sucked. Bobby is the songwriter in the family. I'm better at fine tuning once the basic lyrics and melody are in place.

 Bobby:  Started writing in my thirties.  Begin with jingles for radio ads.  Then wrote my first song, My Three Wives.  With wife number two then.  Must've been prophetic!


6.  Who would you say were the primary influencers on you with regard to music?

Leslie:  Randy Newman. The Beatles. Harry Nilsson. Spanky and Our Gang.

 Bobby:  Musical influences....Beatles, Elvis and the Man in Black.


7.  Besides family and friends, is music the most important thing in your life?

Leslie:  In my later years it has become less so. Finding great joy in my pets and gardening. Not being able to tour live I really appreciate having the studio next to the house when inspiration strikes.

 Bobby:  Music has been most important for me since grade school.  In tons of all school shows and plays.


8.  Do you pursue activities in other arts, such as painting, sculpture, poetry, etc.?

 Leslie:  Growing vegetables, cooking, and taking care of Bobby!

 9.  Can you tell us about some of your placements of your work into film/tv, etc.?

 Leslie:  Had a couple with Spanky and Our Gang. Sending out a lot of little boats with the hope our ship with come in.

 Bobby:  Have had a few placements in independent films and Internet air play.

 10.  What current projects are you working on?

 Leslie:  Finishing up a delicious trio project with Lorena Robles, me, and Nancy Zahn. Beautiful harmonies and some nice sweetening from violinist Martin Giacoman. Mostly Spanish traditionals except very unique covers of Christine Aguilera "Say Something"  and "Cuando Cuando Cuando."


11.  Is there anything you’d like to say about the state of the music industry and the struggles of

       Independent musicians to find their voice and be heard?

 Leslie:  Pay is unfair for songwriters. I have friends with big hit songs who have seen their income drop by 99%!    Kinda cool knowing how many listens it takes at .001 cent a play to generate those little royalty checks.  Means a LOT of people are enjoying our music.  Hopefully financial rewards will come in the future.

 12.  Is there anything else at all that you’d like to say before we bring the interview to a close?

 Leslie:  To quote the late great Little Brother Montgomery "If it's in ya, it's in ya." I make music because I must! 

 Bobby:  Most of our income comes from down loads.  Were royalties still the same as when I started, we would be living large.  Too bad the digital services place so little value of what it takes to create music.  Pretty much retired now from performing due to hearing loss.  I am trying to get the last of my unrecorded material recorded before I completely lose all hearing.  Oh well...been a great ride!

 Thank you Bobby & Leslie!



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