Still Upright

by Bobby Sahlen, Leslie Sahlen & Walter Rios Quintet

Released 2014
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Released 2014
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
With emotionally stirring vocals, Bobby & Leslie Sahlen takes us on a magical singer-songwriter journey, accompanied by Martin Young's great acoustical instrumentation. Also featuring guest artists the fabulous Walter Rios Quintet on 3
Bonus Tracks!
June 2, 2014, San Carlos, Mexico…Bobby and Leslie Sahlen are pleased to announce the release of their latest collaborative album with Starburst Music called “Still Upright” featuring the Guest Artists Martin Young on 16 tracks and the Walter Rios Tango Quintet on 3 Bonus Tracks. Song list includes:

1. Still Upright
2. Shadow
3. Magic Hugs
4. Epitaph
5. Let’s Pretend
6. Sir Barks A Lot
7. Trapped
8. The Sinner
9. Sister Senorita
10. Abandonment
11. Lady of the Smokey Club
12. Playboy
13. Broken Dream Confessor
14. Nightmare
15. Flowing …
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