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Pachebel's Canonized Hip Hop Rap
Pachelbel's Canonized Hip Hop Rap
It's now the first light of day
My senses open wide
Emotions running deep
From them I do not hide
Wings lift me from this earth
I'm soaring through the skies
I gently kiss your lips
I cannot fathom why
You've taught me how to pray
In such a loving way
That rises from this earth
I see the light of day
I'm learning to see goodness
I'm learning how to play
I've learned to be aware
I've learned to live my day
Without tragedy and loss
But with dignity and grace
I'm longing for your touch
The feel of your embrace
I've now seen the light
It's filled my soul with hope
You've given me new confidence
You've shown me the way
You've shown it's alright
You've shown that it's ok
My heart it swells with joy
My heart it swells with pride
The tears they start to flow
The tears they find their way
Sometimes I think they know
How long they'll last today
Each one a precious gift
That gives a special lift
That takes me on my way
To love you more each day
I'm drifting through my dream
I'm soaring to your heart
My love it knows no bounds
My love is here to stay
The love we thought we lost
The love that went away
Its here right now
Its right here today
It's never gone away
It's always in your heart
It's always in your soul
Forever I will know
The fire's not gone
The fire's not out
Its smolders in our hearts
Showing us the way
Our souls they swim together
They never lost their way
Our mortal selves do sin
They do it every day
But our spotless souls
They're angels in the sky
They show the love they bring
In surprising hidden ways
Here comes one now
She's whispering your name
I hear it clear as day
I hear it every day
I love your heart my dear
I long for it to stay
The love I feel for you
Will never go away
I cry for you right now
My tears are rolling thick
They're dripping to my chest
Like daggers stabbing deep
I've learned to live with pain
The pain of you so gone
I long for times gone by
The magic of your soul
The bond we felt so well
The bond we felt so well

I'll always be your man
You'll always be my girl
Though winds blew us apart
We'll always have those times
If only in our minds
It's better to have loved
And lost that love profound
Than never to have seen
How intensely what we found
That drew us far too close
That scrambled us around
Like fires in the night
Our flames keep burning bright
They tickle air so light
They tickle to new heights

The angels fly around
Their wings medallion gold
They comfort us through storms
With such a special bond
I'd never seen an angel
Now I've opened up my mind
Or should I say my soul
I see them all around
Everywhere I go
Their loving hearts so bright
I see them in the sky
I see them in the night
They're calling out your name
Without the slightest shame
They're calling me to you
Without the slightest pain
They're loving and they're good
They tell me what I should
Do to earn your love
Absorbing all your pain.
But me it's not about me
Its you who suffers too
How did we stray so far
Tell me what to do
If I could take away your pain
Move it to my heart
I'd do it every day
Especially in the dark
Download it to my heart
Download it to my heart

Enough of dreams right now
To earth I must return
Reality is harsh
But serves its purpose well
For without negativity
How could we feel the joy
The contrast it creates
That shows us right and wrong
That shows us love and hate
That teaches us to dream
And not to relegate
Our lives into the dark
For in the light we see
For in the light we play
For in the light we give
For in the light we pray
I'll be a better man
For having loved your soul
I'll fight the demons off
My angel he's so close
He's showing me the way
To stay inside the light
To never stray again.
The darkness I have seen
I've wallowed in its spell
But now it's in the past
I've conquered it so well
And so I dedicate
My lifetime from now on
To stay within the light
To stay within the light
Within the light I'll stay
And love you more each day
Within the light I'll stay
And love you more each day
And love you more each day
Lyric Credits: Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Music Credits: Pachebel
Publisher Credits: Starburst
Song Length: 4:00
Primary Genre: Rap-Hip Hop
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)