Sketches of Life

by Bobby Sahlen

Released 2013
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Released 2013
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Sketches of Life, Bobby Sahen's new solo CD, features songs co-written with Starburst Music Publishing. Presented in straight forward acoustical guitar/vocal performances, these songs reach deep into the core of what it means to be a mature human being in the early 21st Century. From the pathos of Dancing With Dragons to the epitome of regret in Broken Dream Confessor, this CD is an artistic statement about life, love, the duality of happiness and sadness...authentic realities.
‚ÄúThis is the new album by my friend Bobby Sahlen, composed in collaboration with the amazing lyricists from Starburst Music Publishing. Bobby has a distinctive voice that at the same time is thunderous and soft, aggressive and comforting (if you know some of my recent works, Bobby is the singer of the project Rapazzi). In the meeting of this great voice with such moving lyrics, together with Bobby's 12-string guitar, a classic album was born. …
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