The Great Santolin is an amazingly creative performance artist living and working in Brazil and introduced to Starburst by Nery Bauer in 2012 with the collaboration of the following Music Video of a song called Trapped that had been co-written by Sahlen/Starburst.  Santolin executes this performance in a single, continuous take.  Its really quite amazing.  Click below to watch.


Subsequently, Leslie Sahlen performed the song live in San Carlos, Mexico in March of 2013 with a rear screen projection of Santolin's music video.  check it out, very cool.  Here is what Leslie said about the multi-media performance:  " From Cabaret En El Mar, March 2013, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. A song written by Bobby Sahlen and Jay Carney was picked up by Brazilian artist Santolin (Google him he's good!) who learned the song phonetically from my recording. He Sounded just like me! Now I know how Cher feels. He did a fabulous video so at the Cabaret I impersonated my impersonator."

 Also in 2012, Santolin produced a music video of himself singing the Starbust song "So You Think You Can Cry" in Portuguese, which we present below:


 Some more great pics of Santolin:












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