In the grand tradition of American Folk & Alternative Folk singers, award-winning songwriter Peter G. Olach (PGO) has impressed his fans for decades since his early traveling troubadour days in the early 1970’s when he toured extensively throughout the USA & Canada. Now living on the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Peter collaborated with Starburst Records on the writing, production and publishing of his “a complicated MAN” album demonstrating, with exquisite clarity, the full breadth and maturity of his songwriting and performing genius. The vast majority of songs on this album were played, performed and recorded all in one single take at his kitchen table, an amazing feat!

The CDs title song dives head first into the complexity and dichotomies of living within the modern era of information overload while simultaneously retaining grace and wisdom. The emotionally insightful “Far from Home” has brought many a listener to tears as it paints a picture of societal alienation. And, then there is the incredibly upbeat “Wedding Dress” which teases us with its surprise ending.

Peter’s artistic blending of the very best elements of traditional Folk, Celtic, Country and Americana forge a whole new genre of quiet elegance.


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