All of the music you hear on this website is available for licensing for use in TV, Film, media, websites, commercials, games, apps, etc. The music of Starburst and its artists have been placed in film, television, commercials, games, web pages and videos all around the world. Some of our recent placements include:

• Nils Rurack’s track Crash Chaos into a TV Commercial advertising the film Cowboys and Aliens
• our song Morning Cup to Senoz Food and Coffee Company for a worldwide radio advertising campaign;
• our song Dance With Me to Shuttersong Incorporated for use in promoting its new Shuttersong app;
• our song Two Parts Penance for use in the 2009 Feature Flm Rotkäppchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood, and
• placement of the track Cinematic Suspense into a viral Coca Cola YouTube video for our composer client Jean Paul Zoghbi.
• Nils Rurack’s “Boogey Man” placed into 17 episode ZDFkultur digital German Television show.

Please contact us to arrange to license directly from us or you may use our extensive catalogue of music at AudioSparx at the following links:

Rock Modernoff & the Jetstream Cowboys at Audiosparx
Jean Paul Zoghbi at Audiosparx
Matthew Thompson/Stuck With Green at Audiosparx
Protilius at Audiosparx
Evan Zappa and the Necessity at Audiosparx
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