It doesn’t get more quintessentially Northern Italian Village than Roberto Actis’ (aka Adrenax) home town of Villamiroglio in the Province of Alessandria in the Italian region of Piedmont, located about 22 miles east of Turin and about 28 miles northwest of Alessandria. With a population of under 400 people and an area of 3.7 square miles, there’s a closeness of community here that is truly unique. From the early age of 7, Roberto began playing guitar and showed a natural talent for singing and creating music, but didn’t more seriously begin to apply himself until age 12. Roberto has been playing, singing, composing music and performing since his early teens. He’s been performing professionally since 1989 all around Europe as well as on cruise ships, disco clubs, night clubs, piano bars, dance clubs, concerts and wherever the musical muse would take him. Recently Roberto and Starburst Records hooked up and created a truly unique fusion of the sensibilities of Italian and American cultures resulting in a collaborative album of 10 great songs. Straight from Northern Italy to the center of your heart, we are pleased and proud to present to you….Adrenax!


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