Knowing full well that necessity is the mother of invention, Evan Zappa’s unstoppable passion to create launched his illustrious career in the art of songwriting. With a genius for collaboration and now with over 1,000 placement credits into film, tv, media, external distributions and advertising, his ever growing body of work stands poised for greatness. Said one reviewer: “I have never heard a more involved, witty, politically humorous and emotionally-tuned individual in my life. Evan writes material that will not only make you think, but pushes the boundaries of nearly every genre within which he dabbles. Amazing versatility, a genuine contribution to any musical community, I’ll stand by his work any day.” One of Evan’s “pet projects” is writing material for his lifelong friend Johnny Starburst & his All Star Singers. All of their combined collaborative material appears on in the name of Evan Zappa & the Necessity.











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