Best of Starburst Music, Vol. II

by Johnny Starburst & the All Star Singers

Released 2013
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Released 2013
Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
This is Volume II of a collection of award winning songs by Starburst Music Publishing, LLC.
"Johnny Starburst is one of those rare writers who truly lives or has lived what he writes. He possesses a level of passion and enthusiasm in his compositions that I have never seen in my 30 plus years in the music business. His lyrics often encompass powerful poetry along with psychic depth that defines his writings in a unique and fascinating way. At other times, he is witty in a way that challenges the listener to think. It has been my pleasure to complete a number of compositions with Johnny that I feel are as great, as compelling, and as emotionally deep as anything I have ever written."

-Rich Chudacoff, Gouda Music Publishing, Nashville, TN

"I have never heard a more involved, witty, politically humorous and emotionally-tuned individual in my life. Starburst writes material that will not only make you think, but pushes the boundaries of nearly every genre within which he dabbles. Amazing versatility, a genuine contribution to any musical community, I'll stand by his work any day."

-Nathaniel Jones, Protilius Productions

Award winning songwriter, Johnny Starburst speaks to universal truths exploring the human condition. He serves as lyricist, co-writer and publisher for an eclectic consortium of collaborative initiatives including The Id Kids, NLF, Rapazzi and others as well as for his most recently released album with Peter G. Olach called “Complicated Man”...all available here on CD Baby as well as at He is both honored and humbled to work with so many enormously talented composers and performers. The common thread in all of these efforts is the story telling and lyric writing which continues to motivate his songwriting and collaborative efforts. His vast catalog spans multi-genres with heavy concentrations in country, rock, pop, jazz and electronic. His credits include:

-$25,000 Grand Prize Winner 2010 Broadjam Six Pack International Songwriting Competition
-1st Place Winner, Cooch Music's 13th Amateur Songwriting Contest 2009
-1st Place Winner, We Are Listening Lyric Songwriting Competition 2009
-His song "Testify" cited by American Songwriter magazine Mar/Apr 2010 Lyric Writing Contest Honorable Mention
-Many Song of the Month wins on Broadjam including the songs Trapped & Lonely In A Crowd
-Dozens of songs placing in Broadjam's Top Ten Songs
-Dozens of Taxi Music and Broadjam publishing forwards resulting in numerous placements including placement of the song Two Parts Penance in the film Rotkappchen: The Blood of Red Riding Hood


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