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Mission Statement:  Starburst Records specializes in publishing and promoting the work of struggling indie musicians & songwriters.  We've published 46 albums/singles over the past ten years and are showing no signs of slowing down.  We are a lean, mean publishing machine and have great respect for these independent minded warriors of music struggling to get their music heard. Our expenses dwarf what meager revenue is generated, but we've done it for ten years for the love of music. Who's to say that the song on a shoestring budget indie artists work with makes their songs any less valid than the mega-dollar production studios of corporate America's record industry.  Not us.  What we lack in production and promotion dollars, we make up for in ENTHUSIASM!

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In an effort to provide some financial fortification, we recently began offering to publish the works of any indie artist on a non-judgmental basis at very modest publishing fees which you can view by clicking here.   

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